Hoe voel je je vandaag? – How do you feel today?

English below Ik herinner me dat ik me ergens in de loop van het najaar in 2020 afvroeg hoe mensen zich voelen op het moment dat een klimaatverandering of een milieuprobleem zodanig groot wordt dat je het niet meer weg kan kijken en je tegelijk weet, beseft, doorkrijgt dat je leven nu, niet morgen ofContinue reading “Hoe voel je je vandaag? – How do you feel today?”

Mother’s Day – Dia de las Madres

It is weekend, Sunday.  What will I do today.  I am still in Honduras, so I don’t have the regular weekend issues ahead of me, like family visits, cleaning of the house, walks with the dog, making of next week cooking scheme (who of the family will cook when?), washing the car etc.   Maybe IContinue reading “Mother’s Day – Dia de las Madres”

Please leave your car at home…

Last month I took the train, from my place to Brussels. I could have taken the car as well, which is more comfortable than going by train, but I didn’t. In fact it was ridiculous of even thinking to take the car, since there is a direct train connection between my place and Brussels, andContinue reading “Please leave your car at home…”

The poppy field (14/06)

I love nature. Earlier this week I read an article about poppy fields, sown everywhere in Flanders, to commemorate the 100th ‘birthday’ of the First World War (http://deredactie.be/cm/vrtnieuws/binnenland/1.3001548). On the map added to the article, one poppy field turned out to be nearby my place, and I thought it would be nice to go andContinue reading “The poppy field (14/06)”

Relax, sit back and enjoy the flight (07/06)

I want to have everything under control.  I am that kind of person who wants to know in advance what is going to happen, why is it going to happen, when and how.  For years I suffered from a severe fear for flying. That was a problem because I have to fly regularly for myContinue reading “Relax, sit back and enjoy the flight (07/06)”

The Day He Lost Momentum to Make Our Planet Great Again (02/06)

This blog is not meant to talk about Trump. But since I believe we should do all we could to avoid or at least reduce climate change, I want to place some words.  Yesterday Trump made the biggest mistake of his political career ever by stepping out of the Climate Agreement of Paris.  The USAContinue reading “The Day He Lost Momentum to Make Our Planet Great Again (02/06)”

How do you do? – Ask my feet (01/06)

I met a life coach earlier this week. I am following a course to become a professional integral coach, at least if I pass the exam next week.  One of the tasks we have to complete is meeting with a ‘real’ coach, to have a coaching session with yourself as coachee.  We practice a lot duringContinue reading “How do you do? – Ask my feet (01/06)”