On the road again

Tomorrow I leave my home again.  For a new assignment somewhere in Central America. I will be working there for the next 6 months, with regular intervals back in Belgium because I also have assignments to take care of here.  It will be exciting and frightening and challenging and a lot more. I look forward to it, and I am also a bit scared. Will I be good enough, will I meet the expectations of my new client? I don’t know, we’ll see.

At the same time I feel I that am ready for this new adventure, not being ‘on the road again’ anymore for my job for a couple of months. And I am also a bit sad to leave my family behind, the daily talk with them, the caring moments, the often hilarious actions of our dear but crazy beagle dog.  But I know already now that I will enjoy and appreciate this twice as much once I will be back.   I still have to arrange my suit case; I am a bit that type of doing that at the very last moment (procrastinating yes yes). I hate making suit cases to tell the truth. Thinking of how to dress for the next two weeks, pff, I don’t like that.  But okay, tomorrow at this time I will be at the airport. Almost ready for taking off.


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