Courageous people

She sits next to me at the table, a young woman around 30, let’s call her Ana.  She tells me about her job, that she likes it a lot, but also that it is a bit complicated. What she does is quite unique in the country, and you cannot follow a course here to learn what it is about. If you want to specialize yourself in this matter, you have to search for courses outside the country.  I talk to her because part of my job is to optimize the internal organisational structure. It seems easy but it is not, since the institute with about 350 employees has more than 200 different job profiles.  Ana is not very happy, she says to me, because she is not really rewarded according to her responsibilities. She has to watch over suspicious money movements, related to money laundering and internal terrorism as it is called, or with other words, identify dirty money movements related to e.g. drug trafficking.

Her job requires the highest level of confidentiality. Nevertheless, some months ago, she detected that information had been leaked, at high level. She found out because she had been approached and had received questions about a very particular case she had been working on. She says that so far she had never feared for her safety, but that she does now, since she has a baby son.  I tell her to be careful, but in fact what does this mean, in a country where people are sometimes killed for disputes that are much less loaded than what Ana tells me. I admire this young woman, because to her she is just doing her job. To me, she is a brave and courageous woman, living in a context where corruption and violence are never far away.



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