Mother’s Day – Dia de las Madres

It is weekend, Sunday.  What will I do today.  I am still in Honduras, so I don’t have the regular weekend issues ahead of me, like family visits, cleaning of the house, walks with the dog, making of next week cooking scheme (who of the family will cook when?), washing the car etc.   Maybe I will bingewatch the whole day (still have 8 Walking Dead episodes to watch), meditate a bit, take time to do my exercises, do some administration or some work, have lunch with a friend.

My Honduran colleagues were worried about me, being alone here on this Sunday, Mother’s day, since Mothers are almost Saints here.  One of the first things they ask you when you meet someone new, man or woman, is if you are married and if you have children. How many children, how old are they, do they study and what do they study, do they have children already (many girls under 20 have already a family here so generations follow up quickly).  I told my colleagues I was going to be perfectly fine, because Mother’s Day is not such a very big thing in Belgium as it is here. And in my family, it is hardly celebrated, or read: my children always forget and I don’t really mind.


But I must admit that, deeply within, I like the messages entering from my female friends here and abroad, which  already started yesterday and are still coming in today, wishing me a happy Mother’s Day. Also, my client here in Honduras celebrated it last Friday and as a mother I was also invited: Friday afternoon a lunch was offered to all the mama workers, including a small gift, flowers, and there was even a ‘mother of the institute’ chosen.  On top of this, all mothers were given the Friday afternoon off (felt a bit sorry for all the ladies not having children (yet) working there). I have not seen such a gesture in Belgium yet to celebrate momma’s day.  For the record: they did it also for Father’s Day some weeks ago.

So even if it has become a highly commercialized event (since yesterday instant stores on every corner of the street are popping up with flowers and gifts), it gives a special feeling when people around you celebrate it this way and with this intensity, in such I way that I’d like to wish all Mothers (and others) a great Sunday, and a Happy Mother’s Day. 😊 😊 Enjoy the video, dedicated to all Mothers in the world.




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