The Day He Lost Momentum to Make Our Planet Great Again (02/06)

This blog is not meant to talk about Trump. But since I believe we should do all we could to avoid or at least reduce climate change, I want to place some words.  Yesterday Trump made the biggest mistake of his political career ever by stepping out of the Climate Agreement of Paris.  The USA will not feel the impact of that decision yet, but later they will remember that 1 June 2017 was the day they gave away their world leadership to guide the world towards the future.


As it always happens, other leaders stood up and took his place. China and Europe in this case. They reconfirmed the Climate Agreement as indispensible for the future of our world.

Make Our Planet Great Again

Realization of the Climate Agreement will allow new technologies to be developed, will help more than 80 countries to remain and not to disappear under water, will allow more biodiversity to remain safe, will allow to work on food and water security and in that sense also poverty reduction, will allow job creation at a moment other jobs in traditional industries disappear, etc etc etc.


Trump doesn’t see all that. Trump has decided using arguments of his own backyard. Which in itself is not wrong, but he didn’t take into account the longer term and wider impact of that decision, he didn’t take into account the bigger picure.

The decision to withdraw will affect him, the United States of America and Trumps backyard much harder than Trump can ever imagine.  Not now, not even within 10 or 15 years. Even when a future USA president will turn back that decision, and they will I am sure, Trump catapulted the USA back in time, and that cannot be corrected anymore.

Trumps worst business deal ever


Poor Trump, that he let himself lead so much by his Narcism. And poor USA, I feel so sorry and bad for all people, institutions, hard workers, organisations, enterpreneurs, women, men and children living in the USA who DO believe that it is 5 past twelve to combat Climate Change and that there is no way back. Even if Trump wants them to believe that.

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