Try out (30/05)

I must say that I am struggling with the blog. I never blogged before, so this is a new experience. It is something on my bucket list I wanted to do….ever…but ever becomes never if you don’t take the decision to do it and then actually DO IT. But I don’t like reading manuals, or long explanations before getting started. Then I lose my motivation before really taking off.  So I jumped into the deep and started to swim. Or kind of swimming, it seems more like floundering, like a newborn discovering something new and fascinating without knowing what to do with it.


So I just figured out how to write a post. How to change the Site Title, that was a difficult one, it costed me some minutes to find that button.  Why do ‘they’ hide the ‘customizer’ at the right bottom side if the menu lights up at the left side?


Since I come from the pre-computer era I still feel some resistance against all new digital things I start using. Like this blog. But I won’t give up.  I linked the blog to my Facebook page, I got a premium account so I have to pay for it and that will probably help in motivating me of keeping the blog updated (hopefully that won’t be the only motivation). Everything I can do to avoid quitting this challenge, because then it ends up on my bucket list again, since making an account, a side title and picture and two blog posts can hardly count for thicking off ‘having my own blog’.


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