cropped-nancy-foto1.jpgI have that very restless feeling at the moment (May 2017) that it is time for a change.  Time to take a break and think of what I have been doing so far, and what to do in the future. Anyway, I caught something. Something that was strong enough to start this blog. I could have done other things than starting this blog. Quit my job for instance, and go travelling around the world for a year or something.  But my family would not like that so much, particularly not because last year in 2016 I was already living for half a year in Honduras for my job. And since I am from Belgium this was already quite challenging.  To leave my family again to get rid of this kinda midlife flu would therefore not be a very nice thing to do.

Another idea was to start this blog.  To reflect on a lot of  issues, and to share my ideas and reflections with you, reader, poured over with some international flavours from time to time. Something like that.

bulb light

So I choose for the blog and not for the travelling.   I have no idea where it is going to ends but that’s fine. If I would know that already I would not start writing here, because it would be extremely boring

A last word for now: I write mainly in Dutch (my mother language) and in English, but I am not a native English speaker and therefore not perfect in English writing. I apologize in advance for that imperfection.  I hope to translate bits and pieces in Spanish as well.


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